What if the door lock doesn’t open suddenly?

In life, it is inevitable that some accidents will lead to the door lock being closed violently, such as being closed by a sudden gust of wind. These violent door closures are likely to lead to the failure that the inclined tongue of the horn lock is easy to fall off, or the door is twisted and deformed, or the fixing screw of the lock tongue is loose and protruded, resulting in the door lock sticking to the door frame and can not be opened. What if the door lock can not be opened? Xiaobian reminds you to first find out what causes the door lock to fail to open.

Reasons why the door lock can not be opened suddenly and solutions:

1. If the door lock suddenly fails to open when your home is a horn lock, it is likely that the inclined tongue of the lock is out of hook and fails. At this time, you can open the lock screw down, repair the lock tongue, or change the lock again, so as to open the door lock.

2. If it is an auxiliary lock (mostly installed on iron doors and Liuhua copper doors), the fixing screws of the lock tongue or handle oblique tongue are loose and protrude, and the door frame can not be opened. At this time, you can find a flat screwdriver to pull the protruding screws back from the door seam.

3. If the lock is stuck with foreign matters, it is difficult to twist the handle or key. If the door is opened outward, pull the door inward with force; If the door is opened internally, push the door outward with force, which can reduce the clamping force and twist the door easily.

Of course, in order to ensure that the use performance of the door lock in the home can be maintained for a long time, people are required to maintain it carefully in the use process, develop good use habits, and try not to close the door unintentionally and violently, so that the door lock will not suddenly fail to open!

Post time: Dec-14-2021